Halloween Parties for Teens

Related imageAfter thirteen, kids aren’t likely to go trick or treating and no matter how much you want to go around the neighborhood with them in fun costumes, the fact is that kids just aren’t going to want to celebrate Halloween the same way forever and they definitely won’t want to do it with their parents. You can’t force them to still act like they’re seven on Halloween and trying to find some recreation and way to enjoy the holiday with the kids is one of those tough to do things.Kindly visit videos for teens to find more information.

While kids will still want lots and lots of candy and sugar regardless of how old they are, the way they want it will have to be different and very entertaining. Halloween isn’t about candy anymore; it’s about dressing up and all those special effects. That means the decorations to any Halloween party can’t be sheets thrown over helium filled balloons, they’ll have to be more impressive like smoke machines and fake blood spatters.

Girls use Halloween as an excuse to dress-up and use as much make-up as they want; you can make a fun game out. Buy cosmetics from the local drug store and have the girls compete to make the best witch or zombie.

Make the food unique; instead of putting out candy bouquets or other sugary stuff; give them something unique to snack on like fruit covered in chocolate; white chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate strawberries always look great on a platter. You can get all sorts fruit covered in chocolate like pineapples, oranges and bananas.