Buying New Tyres Cranbrook

How often do you think about car tyres? For the majority of people, it isn’t a topic that often enters their thoughts. That is until something happens to their current tyres and they have to buy some new ones. Picture the scene: you’ve just dragged yourself out of bed, you’ve had your shower, put on your clothes and are now picking up the post – bills, bills and more bills. With a sigh you place them on the kitchen table for later – right now you’re more concerned with buttering your toast and making some coffee. Breakfast is over and you’re now leaving the house, ready for the daily commute to work. As you walk through the garden your mind returns to the bills, you try to push them from your mind. “I’ll deal with them later” you tell yourself. Just as you reach the car you notice something amiss, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something seems odd about the car. You walk around the vehicle to investigate and that’s when you notice it – a flat tyre. With your alarmingly low bank balance figure suddenly blasted into your mind’s eye, you kick the tyre in question and curse.

Buying a replacement car tyre isn’t going to be cheap is it? Well actually, it could very well be. It’s true that in the past, tyres were not a cheap item to buy, especially when you consider that not many people plan for the replacement of car tyres in their family budgets. However, over the last ten years there has been a revolution taking place as online tyre retailers have sprung up to challenge the status quo of the long established high street chains and give custom back to the independent garages struggling to make a profit. This revolution has, for the most part, seemingly gone unnoticed by motorists, which is why the idea that car tyres cost extortionate prices still exists. Now, this isn’t intended to be a mass generalisation – some tyres do cost a pretty penny, but these are mainly in the high end of the car tyre market.Read more New Tyres Cranbrook.


Thanks to the online tyre retailers, the choice of tyres available to consumers has sky rocketed. This in turn has meant that more affordable ranges have been produced to meet the needs of all areas of the market and just because some of these ranges are “cheap” it doesn’t necessarily mean that they perform worse than the more “expensive” car tyres. If you have found yourself in a similar situation as the previous scenario and you are either a) worried about the price of car tyres or b) are unsure how you even go about buying new car tyres then it is highly advisable that you turn your attention to the world wide web. It is on the internet that you will find online tyre retailers such as – who have been in operation since 2001. They can offer you savings of up to 40% compared to the “fast-fit” high street retailers.

Also, everything on a site such as is included in the price. This is unfortunately not always a fact with some other tyre retailers and consumers can find themselves in for a nasty surprise when they turn up at a garage to have new car tyres fitted and suddenly the cost is different (dependant on the “extra” work that has been carried out) from the one that they saw advertised on a billboard. Don’t despair if your car requires new tyres. Stay calm, shop around (definitely have a check online for competitive deals) and you’ll find that the cost is less than you were anticipating.