Baby Book Ideas

Baby book ideas from other parents can help guide you in your selection of books for your baby and about your baby. Each family has their own favourite books. Books that their baby just loves and books they have found really useful to learn all about having a baby.

Image result for personalized books for kidsSeveral parents have told me that they don’t actually need to buy their baby any books as they have been given so many as gifts. Well the teacher in me feels really happy to hear that people are giving books as gifts as I don’t believe any child could really have enough books. However I believe this also is a bit of a hit and miss way to create your child’s book collection. Reading MUST be fun and the best way to ensure it is fun, is to ensure you have some very treasured favourites in your collection.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself when looking for good baby book ideas:

Does your baby have a book they just love and want you to read to them?

As your baby grows into their toddler years they will begin to have a definite love for certain books. At 18 months it amazes me the way my son can empty his book drawer looking for his favourite 4 books! Look at these books, what is it about these book that your baby loves the most? Look for other books that are similar.Learn more about this at baby books.

What books did your family read to you when you were a baby?

These would be wonderful books to read to your baby. Your love for them will shine through.

When we go home to stay with my mother she brings out the picture books that we all loved as children and reads them to my son. He knows that these books are special and that they were loved by his mother, uncle and aunties. This helps him treasure reading and books.

When reading to baby it is important to choose a book that is appropriate for your baby’s stage and development as well as their interests. Your main aim is to foster in your baby a love for reading. What you read to them will really help with this. What things can you do to help reading and books appear magical and special?

My husband has a special bedtime story session time with our son each night. He reads him four books before bed and always ends the reading time with the same book. It is about a little boy who doesn’t want to go to bed and how he finally caves in as he is just too tired. Jamie knows that after this book it will be bedtime. This has really helped him go to bed happily each night. As our son has gotten older the bedtime books have changed.